What separates RTP Signs&Graphics from our competition?

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology, utilizing only the highest quality materials, and we are highly trained and experienced in the sign industry. We are certified sign professionals, guaranteeing top quality signs, and top quality service.

Some things to consider

Size and Visibility

How big does your sign need to be to be visible from the street? From across the parking lot? From the other side of a store or mall? In the case of sign production, size does matter. When deciding on a sign, you should consider whether the size of the sign will meet your objectives. Below is a letter readability chart that will assist you in deciding the size of your sign.

Style and Layout

How your sign looks is also important. A sign must first be able to catch a viewer's eye so that he or she will want to read the sign's contents. The number of colors a sign has, the way type and graphics are laid out, and even the typestyle used is important. Below is a color chart that will help you see what letter and background colors work best to attract attention. At RTP Signs & Graphics, our team of sign professionals will help you design a sign that will draw attention, and draw business.


How long your sign needs to last is a major factor in determining the investment in your sign. We utilize the highest quality materials in producing your sign, but like everything in the world different materials have various levels of durability and cost. A sign that only needs to be visible for one month will be considerably less costly than a sign that must survive one to two years.


When giving us your ideas on what colors you would like on your sign you should keep in mind how well someone will be able to read it. Having white letters on a white sign might not be the best idea! Also consider how big you want the words on the sign. It is important to make sure anyone walking by can read the sign without having too much trouble.